Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to our most commonly asked questions from learners. From how many lessons you'll need, to what happens on your first driving lesson, we've got all the answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take driving lessons during COVID-19?

During the government lockdown in the UK, we stopped our driving lessons in Colchester to protect the safety of both our instructors and pupils. However, since then, following guidance from the DVSA, we have been able to resume driving lessons. If you’re hoping to learn to drive with the best driving school in Colchester, get in touch today to see how we can help you.

When can I start learning to drive?

You can start learning to drive as soon as you turn 17, providing you have a valid provisional driving licence. You can apply for a provisional licence at three months before you turn 17. You can also get a D1 form from your local post office to complete and send back. Once you’ve submitted your application for a licence, it can take around two weeks to arrive.

How much does it cost to learn to drive?

The cost of learning to drive varies from person to person, depending on how many lessons you need and whether you want manual or automatic lessons. Our driving lessons in Colchester start from as little as £26, and we offer discounts on block bookings. Most of our pupils pass after just 26 hours which is half the national average time, so you will be saving yourself money when learning with us.

What do I need to bring to my first driving lesson?

You must bring your provisional licence with you to your first lesson, without it your instructor will not be able to start the lesson as it is a legal requirement for them to see it on your first lesson. You will also need to do a quick eyesight check where your instructor will ask you to read the number plate of a car approximately 20 metres away. If you wear glasses or contacts, make sure you have them for your lesson.

What car will I be learning in during my lessons?

We have many different driving instructors offering lessons in Colchester, all with different training vehicles. All of our instructor’s cars are modern, easy to drive and dual controlled for your peace of mind and safety. We also have instructors offering lessons in automatic cars.

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