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As well as providing quality driving lessons in Colchester, we also serve the surrounding areas with driving lessons in Tiptree, Hythe and Mile End.

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Below is a list of the areas in and around Colchester that we cover.

In all of the locations that we cover in and around Colchester, we have fully qualified instructors who are from the local area. We believe it’s extremely important your driving instructor knows the local area and the roads well so that they can efficiently plan your lessons. With their extensive knowledge of the local roads in each area, they will know the best areas to take you during your lessons.

If you’re taking driving lessons in Tiptree, Mile End, Hythe or Colchester, your local test centre will be Colchester driving test centre. Your driving instructor will take you for many of your lessons in the Colchester area so that you become familiar with the roads around the test centre and learn the test routes; this will give you the best possible chance of passing first time.

Our driving instructors are fully flexible with pick up and drop off locations and will always try to be as accommodating as possible. For example, if you want your lessons to start in Colchester town centre and finish them in Tiptree, they will happily plan the lesson to accommodate this.

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